My Personal Commitments Program (MyPeCoP)


We believe youth holds unique visions and skills which are key to make our future societies regenerative, desirable and worth the experience. This is the reason of this announcment for anyone who wants to take action to share and build game-changing proposals. Today we present you a special Initiative called My Personal Commitments Program (MyPeCoP) for Climate and Sustainable Development.


68% of climate activists declare never really following through.

We believe this is a problem. There is a real need from people for consistency in innovators' behaviour to engage real change. And well, this is how we came up with the 3 wonderful tools to help you achieve a daily life anchored in your dearest values.


Tool n°1: The Green Book (first edition)





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Tool n°2: The Commitments Diary

My own commitment’s diary - that is the main component of My Personals Commitments Program (MyPeCoP) -is written in two parts. The first part is devoted to the personal commitments of the youth and every actors who want to be involved in the program, for the next 12 months. It is based on 10 commandments people is called to fix by his own self. We’re all sensitive through our activities and our production and consumption patterns to actions that are harmful for the environment. Then people is invited to identify and order those harmful actions depended of their frequencies and their impact in order to keep the five most important that he commits to give up. Those five own commandments should be followed by positives actions that he is invited to make sure to do every day. After this first exam of identification, he is invited to fill the part 1 of the diary (in the Green Book) by his commitments. The second part that corresponding to the properly diary, is supposed to help the youth to follow and asset his own daily actions. This diary must be filled everyday by his 2 or 3 mains, personals and positives actions for the climate, realized in the corresponding day. It is plan after each trimester a self-assessment of the previous months. This tool enable people, to realize by his own self the way on not he is contributing to the saving of the planet. After this people is invited to visit the Global Commitments Platform and fill it as is previously in the green book.


Tool n°3: The Global Commitments Platform

And there's more: along with that we propose you the Global Commitments Platform where you can connect with all people who, just like you, are committed to make real changes in their personal and professional lives.

In order to compute and share the daily’s actions from different parts of the world, we’re designing this web-platform that people are called to visit and fill by its commitments and by its daily actions for preference each day or week. They are also invited to take and share some pictures and videos of their actions on the web page in order to arouse more and more actions and a real commitment of the governments and several actors to the cause of the planet. The team of the program will share with them the whole documents and lobbying’s tools that is going to be written on the basis of their contributions.

These tools could really make a difference.






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