Ever found yourself hearing of a fantastic initiative holder that could change our reality in an undescriptible fashion, yet still not knowing what to do next?

Well, you're in the right place: just send us an email at and explain why the network should support it.

1 - Elon Musk (green transportation) 58 members

2 - UNFCCC / Savory / Di Caprio (climate change) 21 members

3 - Edward Snowden / Julian Assange / OECD (corruption) 3 members

Emma Watson / Malala Yousafzai(women's rights) 3 members

Ray Kurtzweil (immortality)

Dr. Burzynski (cancer cure)

Dalaï Lama (open wisdom)

Noam Chomsky / George Lakoff (cognitive linguistics)

Ron Paul (spirituality)

Barack Obama / Bernie Sanders / Donald Trump / Hillary Clinton (politics)

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Princess Diana (show business)

Missing a few more?

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Measured Impact
Reward impact in a fair manner through accurate accountability.

Save worspace energetic consumption by getting your worldwide multi-coworking pass right away

The Garden
Breed your child in a private school where they learn self-motivation through creative challenges

The Beauty and the Waste
Disrupt the product design culture by getting new cool furnitures

Trojan Horse
Train an educational system that puts the emphasis on personal development techniques

English Speaking worldwide
Like it or not english has become the main driver for information sharing. Get fluent now!

Youtube Pitching Techniques
Learn how to promote your ideas on the web's most crowded place

Motivational Science
Understand the complexity of human motivation to boost yourself up every single day

My Personal Commitment Program
Meet change makers online to get feedbacks and advisory around your actions

Be fully aware of your comsumtion’s global impact in less than 5 sec

Fasten the circular economy model adoption by redesigning local economy

ZeroWaste Booklet
Adopt your zero waste lifestyle, right now

Compete for good and save energy!
This is not (just) a train!
Redefine your public transportation system (railways)

Adopt the best recycling habits quicker with R3

AgroTek (more)
Farmers needed to share their adaptation skills when facing climate change. AgroTek make this possible.

“The Changemakers” TV Reality Show
Ever dreamed of being a changemaker? Be the candidate for the next session of THE CHANGEMAKERS

Match your dreams and actions through this opportunities online platform.

Make a habit of discussing with your local Representatives. Join the Youth4SDGs community now!